Interview with Tareq Hassan, one of the first pioneers of climate action in #Yemen

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Interview with Aletihad News Center

on Youth Engagement during COP28

Interview with DAARJ about " Yemen Floods Wash Away the Old Houses of Sanaa, and the State Is Absent"

Tareq Hassan, the United Nations Environment Regional Representative for Major Groups and Stakeholders for the West Asian Nations, pointed out that, “Human activities such as environmental pollution, destruction, random consumption of the natural systems resources has greatly contributed in exacerbating the climate change crisis worldwide. However, Yemen is considered to be the most prone-to-these-changes country, including high levels in temperatures, the fluctuations in rainfall quantities, which led to disasters.”

Hassan believes that the state’s indifference to the climate change phenomenon has reflected negatively on the changes that resulted in floods and wreaked havoc around 12 governorates, most strikingly in Abyan, Sanaa, Ma’rib, Aden, Tihama, and Hajjah. He stressed that “People should take all the precautions and avoid the floods’ areas,” on the other hand, the state must also form a committee to face the crises caused by climate changes and get down to work to rebuild the infrastructure.

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Voluntary Action Statement of The Major Group for Arab Children and Youth

Voluntary Action Statement of The Major Group for Arab Children and Youth To be presented at the Africa-Arab Regional Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, 9th - 13th October 2018

Dear chair and distinguished delegates,

My name is Tareq Hassan, I am here representing the Disaster Risk Reduction Working group of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) for participation in the follow-up and review of the implementation of the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction in the Arab Region. MGCY DRR WG of the Arab Region was created following the former regional platform and is the regional subset of the global engagement mechanism of children and youth in the implementation, follow up and review of the Sendai Framework. It is an open constituency for any young person, and we are here to show that children and youth are not just part of the vulnerable groups; we are part of the solution in driving the behavioral change we need in order to ensure the resilient and sustainable society we want.

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