Engaging the Arab Youth in Climate Action

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has announced that COP27 and COP28 will be held in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates respectively. With this announcement, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region takes the center stage in the international climate arena for the first time in history.

The MENA region is experiencing a rapid increase in the youth population, which is expected to double by mid-century, with approximately 271 million young people living in the region. Several countries are expected to grow their populations by almost 50% by 2030, with Egypt having the largest absolute increase. Despite a potentially young population, it has the lowest civic engagement in the world due to violence, social norms and other factors.

As a region facing devastating climate impacts that can exacerbate existing tensions, it is critical to engage young people in climate resilience and create green jobs in the process. At COP27, ambitious, innovative and equitable solutions are expected.


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The Impact of Conflict on Climate Change Adaptation in Yemen

Over the past six years, Yemen has been experiencing a period of widespread destabilization which intensified in September 2014, resulting in a full-blown civil war and international military intervention in early 2015. 

While the violence has been vicious and destructive, by far the most damaging consequences for the wider Yemeni population have involved the conflict undermining the systems by which the country functions — devastating the economy, social integration, the humanitarian situation and developmental progress. 

More than half of Yemen’s 27 million people live on incomes below the poverty line, and the mostly rural population continues to grow rapidly. Severe food insecurity and water scarcity, worsening gender inequality, widespread poverty, and a lack of economic growth in Yemen are all compounded by the ongoing armed conflict.

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Keys to Sustainable Development in Yemen


Tareq Hassan is the Chairman of the International Youth Council -Yemen (IYCY), a leading organization in Yemen active in WASH, Nutrition, Food Security, Health, Shelter, Protection, Governance, Education, Peace, Energy, Environment & Climate Change as well as Youth Development. He was elected as the UN Environment (UNEP) Regional Facilitator for Major Groups and Stakeholders for the West Asia Region in 2015, 2017, and 2020. Tareq shares with us about the importance of integrating sustainability into the emergency aid projects being implemented in Yemen and emphasizes education as a key to developing Yemeni change-makers.

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Yemen’s Conflict: The Struggle for a sustainable future


In the recent years Yemen has been encountering a time of across the board destabilisation, which strengthened in September 2014 and brought about all out common war and universal military intercession in March 2015.While the brutality has been horrendous and dangerous, by a wide margin the most harming ramifications for the more extensive Yemeni populace have been the way the contention has undermined the frameworks by which the country capacities – obliterating the economy, social coordination, the compassionate circumstance and formative advancement.

The outcome is that a huge number of individuals in Yemen are presently persevering extreme financial hardship and close starvation.

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On 23 July 2022 , During my Speech at the Expert group meeting to mobilize youth to combat desertification and drought in the Arab World organized by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia - ESCWA . Beirut Lebanon .

At the #stockholm50 where we strengthen the stakeholders partnerships for a healthy Planet for the Prosperity of All.

On 29 March 2022 , During my participations at the a side event on “#Youth Action and Gender-Sensitive National #Climate Policies in MENA” at the #MENA Climate Week

During my participations at the session entitled the road to COP 27 during the Fifth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5.2) organized by UN Environment from (28 Feb-02 March 2022) Nairobi - Kenya

On 19th January 2022 , I had the honor to deliver the statement of the major groups and stakeholders accredited to the United Nations Environment Program in West Asia at the preparatory meeting organized by the Regional Office of the United Nations Environment Program in West Asia to support West Asian countries in preparing for the Fifth United Nation Environment General Assembly of the United Nations Environment #UNEA5.2 and preparations To #UNEP@50 , Stockholm +50 .

First Arab Partnership Meeting for Disaster Risk Reduction organized by UNISDR (22-23 April 2018). Egypt - Cairo.

My interview on Medi 1TV about the impact of the return of the United States of America to #Paris Agreement on climate change, as well as the role of Arab countries in working for climate change and #Yemen in particular.

speaker at the Regional Food Systems Dialogue

Pleased to be a speaker at the Regional Food Systems Dialogue during the #Arab_Sustainable_Development_Forum which was held on 29th March 2021 and orgnized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia where I share the challenges of young people in obtaining healthy food systems and ways to engage and empower them in several areas such as #food_security and how to adapt to #climatechange.

On Saturday 9th January 2021 , I was pleased to give a virtual seminar to 53 Youth from Yemen by providing them some technical and professional skills as well as a guide for their education path and providing them with opportunities resources .

On 20-21 December 2020, it was my pleasure to lead a team to organize the regional conference on the role of civil society organizations in #Land governance in the Arab region, which lasted for two days, with the presence of many organizations from various Arab countries. As one of the outputs, we came out with the creation of a regional network led by the International Youth Council - Yemen (IYCY) that includes many experts and organizations working and willing to work in the field of land governance.

On November 8th 2020 , I had the honor to participate in representation of International Youth Council - Yemen (IYCY) at the Climate Action Network Arab World (CAN-AW) General Assembly by presenting the impact of climate change in #Yemen, in the third session entitled The effects of climate change and the human role in accelerating its effects .

On 23 August 2020 , It was my pleasure to train 73 Yemeni #Youth within Youth Leadership Programme (YLP6) organized by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and YLDF under #Climate Change on How they can do the Environmental Impact assessment for their projects Great to see such projects from Youth to make change in Yemen in the future.

Photo with Arab Climate Group Expert during COP25 in Madrid - Spain

A valuable discussion between the Major Groups and
Stakeholders with the New Executive Director of UN Environment Andersen Inger during UNEA4.

  • Meeting with UN Environment Ex Executive Director and Current UNDP Administrator

  • Speaking during the UN Environment Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum

    Sharing the Statement of the West Asia Regional Major Groups and Stakeholders to the second United Nations Environment Assembly of UNEP.

  • UNESCO MENA Regional Consultations for the 2nd Open Education Resources Congress

    Final regional working group presentation During the MENA Regional Consultations on Open Education Resources that was organized by the Commonwealth of learning and Reach out to Asia and held in Qatar for the World Open Education Congress that will be held in Slovenia September 2017.

Pleasure to deliver a lecture as Speaker at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies on "The Role of Youth in Sustainable Development in Conflict Countries" (20 March 2019). Doha –Qatar.

Pleasure to trained and deliver a workshop on the title "Youth as a peacebuilders and Global Goals Changmakers in their Nations " during #Empower2019 organized by Reach out to Asia and Education Above All on 14th March 2019. Doha - Qatar .

During my chair of Solidarity economy and community initiatives for innovative sustainable business development Session at the 18th Global Major Groups and Stakeholders forum which happens during the Foruth united Nations Environment Assembly UNEA-4 .

On February 21, 2019 I was delighted to empower Yemeni Youth and trained them a bout Forward step to understand SDGs,. The training course targeted 25 participants from Youth who interested in sustainable development. The training course began with a general definition of the 17 goals and the history of sustainable development goals. Each goal was then explained with its indicators, and how to make them achievable by 2030. In addition, how to write sustainable projects.
In order for the course to be more effective, the participants were divided into groups to carry out activities and propose sustainable projects and reflect what they get from the course to their lives and experiences.

On January 28th 2019 I have trained 25 amazing Yemeni Youth in Sana'a capital city of Yemen on sustainable development Goals and mainly concentrate on Goal No 2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture as well as Goal No 6 Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The was organized by Resource Foundation Sustainable Development under their projects SDGs Ambassadors project. Part of the training was on creating sustainable projects under the two main Goals .In addition, on how to promote Gender Equality and involve women on creating and being a key role in the projects .

On February 18th 2019 , I was pleased to train amazing Yemeni Youth in Sana'a capital city of Yemen on sustainable development Goals and mainly concentrate on Goal No 2 and ,Goal No 5 and Goal No 6 .Part of the training was on creating sustainable projects under the three main Goals.

Trained 20 Yemeni Youth on sustainable development Goals and mainly concentrate on Goal No 2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture as well as Goal No 6 Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The training was held in Sana'a and was organized by Source for Sustainable Development Foundation under their projects SDGs Ambassadors in Sana'a Capital city of Yemen on 7th January 2019 . Part of the training was on creating sustainable projects under the two main Goals .

The first Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) Youth Forum brought together 110 young leader from all over the world who are taking steps towards climate action and projects related to ACE! Opening with UNFCCC Secretary General Ms. Patricia Espinosa & UNFCCC ACE focal Point Ms. Adriana Valenzuela. organized by UNFCCC (27-30 April 2018).Bonn –Germany

Training on Youth Rehabilitation for Job Market in Aden - December 2018

On September 19th 2018 I have trained 55 young men and women on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in their history and how these goals were adopted . In addition to training them on writing sustainable projects that serve Yemen in the future. What drew my attention is that the Yemeni youth actually created with all meaning of words an ideas to have proposals for sustainable projects that serve the country. In the future .. and example among these projects a project called (invest your garbage), which aims in recycling of waste, in addition to the project (all equal), which aims to raise awareness of the community that there is no one better than other . third example was a bout building (Green House), which aims to build Green Building and many more Innovations. Actually only these young people whom need of full support and believe me they will do great for the future of Yemen .

There is a great hope for the youth of Yemen, despite the pain.

Delivered a training to Empower Yemeni Young people for their rehabilitation for the job market - Sana'a - Yemen- Septmber 2018

The consultative meeting of humanitarian organizations on the humanitarian situation in Yemen organized by the Yemeni Relief Committee in coordination and cooperation with Qatar Charity (3 May 2015). Doha -Qatar

Photo of UN Environment Regional Representatives and Major Groups with the president of United Nations Environment Assembly -2 MR.EDAGR . (May 2016). Nairobi- Kenya

At the Arab regional conference on the Role of Civil societies on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals orgnized by Qatar Social Work .

At the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Conference "Youth Save Planet" Organized by UNESCO (14-16 May 2018). Paris- France

Speaking during the UNESCO Regional Education for Sustainable Development Flagship training. August 2017 organized by UNESCO Beirut Office .

At Climate Change Conference (COP 23) & Conference of Youth 13 (COY 13) .(1-18 November 2017) - Bonn -Germany.

Presentation on the role of Regional Representative at the UN Environment West Asia Regional Major Groups and Stakeholders Consultation meeting (September 2017) Amman –Jordan.